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Pregnancy vomiting, nausea, and other complications can make your meaningful experience a challenging one. Our articles will guide you in navigating this journey and regaining a sense of well-being with confidence.

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Empowering Women with Solutions for Extreme Pregnancy Vomiting: From Morning Sickness to Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Pregnancy, commonly perceived as an exciting time, can take a distressing and life-threatening turn for women who experience extreme nausea and vomiting. While the majority of pregnancies involve mild to moderate symptoms, a subset of expectant mothers face the profound challenges of Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG). While morning sickness may alter normal life in the short term, inexpensive and readily available treatments are often enough to carry women through this period of pregnancy. On the contrary, HG, not only interferes with daily life but poses severe risks to both the mother and her baby. Unfortunately, the gravity of HG is frequently downplayed, leaving women to suffer in agony even though medical interventions are available to ease the severity and prevent the disease from escalating into dire consequences.

I intimately understand this struggle, having been one of those women. This blog is a resource for women seeking information for extreme pregnancy vomiting, providing insights to discuss with their healthcare providers. It is essential to note that while the information is educational, no medication or supplement is entirely risk-free. Every substance we ingest or absorb must be carefully evaluated based on risk versus benefit. Here’s to increasing conversations and improving access to care!


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Personal Journey

Before earning my doctor of pharmacy degree, I barely survived three pregnancies. Due to never-ending bouts of vomiting, my health suffered as my esophagus burned, bones lost density, and isolation ensued. Astonishingly, none of my healthcare providers, in three different countries, seemed concerned that I was malnourished, starving and unable to do basic daily tasks. Each time, I was told that just because it happened once doesn’t mean it would happen again. Research from the Her Foundation shows that it occurs in over 80% of pregnancies, and I entered each subsequent pregnancy with optimism. Unfortunately, I instantly went from vibrant and excited about life to bewildered and despondent. Now, armed with my knowledge of a pharmacist and antepartum doula who has counseled hundreds of women through these complicated pregnancies, I aim to fill this information void.


The Importance of Nutrition

I still clearly remember during pharmacy school learning about medical interventions to provide nutrients to patients who can’t eat, like intubated patients in the ICU, which got me wondering why none of my healthcare providers ever mentioned these options throughout my pregnancies. It’s common knowledge that during pregnancy, nutrition should be optimized, and I was baffled that no one seemed to care that I was malnourished. Not one of my healthcare practitioners ever asked me about nutrition. For those who cannot eat during pregnancy, discussing how to account for the lost nutrients, potentially through enteral and parenteral methods, to prevent profound consequences is crucial.

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Be Your Own Advocate

During my third pregnancy while working as an administrator in a WIC Overseas office, I was fortunate to have a tenacious coworker, a nurse specializing in helping military wives get proper nutrition. She taught me the profound importance of being our own advocate. For those with HG, however, the physical toll often renders self-advocacy just about impossible. This blog aims to empower women with extreme pregnancy sickness by sharing information to help them assert themselves in their frequent attempts for proper medical care. Knowledge is literally power in the hands of an HG patient. The era of enduring medical gaslighting simply because we are pregnant is over!

The Genetic Component

One of the significant scientific breakthroughs with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, the GDF15 gene causing extreme vomiting, was published with little publicity. All of us need to share this research with our providers. Now that the gene has been identified, I’m hoping we’ll soon have prognostic and diagnostic tests and targeted therapies available as a standard of care, as we do for other disease states. In the meantime, ask for pharmacogenetic testing to help determine which medications are safest and most effective to decrease vomiting and relieve symptoms.

Weighing the Options

In navigating HG, careful consideration of the pros and cons of potential therapies is paramount. Each option must be evaluated within the context of individual risk versus benefits, from medications to supplements. This blog serves as a guide, encouraging women to actively participate in the decision-making process regarding their treatment while acknowledging that no solution is without risks. Know there is always another option!

Building a Supportive Community

Above all, this blog serves as reassurance that you are not alone. The journey through HG may be isolating, but a community of survivors, supporters, and healthcare professionals is ready to offer guidance and understanding. By arming yourself with knowledge, you pave the way for more informed discussions with your healthcare team.

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Pregnancy is a profound experience, and its challenges should never be undermined. Pregnancy vomiting, from morning sickness, causing discomfort and frustrations, to Hyperemesis Gravidarum, with its potential life-altering impact, deserves recognition, understanding, and proactive intervention. This blog offers information, support and empowerment for those navigating the complexities of pregnancy sickness. Let’s usher in an era where no woman suffers in silence, and providers, friends, and family treat HG women with compassionate and comprehensive care.